Hiraizumi Sketch

It was second time for me to visit Hiraizumi Iwate pre. This time is for my business. I could not relaxed so well but enjoyed and excited very much.
Hiraizumi  Sketch_f0072976_630067.jpg
Rice field of Hiraizumi
Hiraizumi  Sketch_f0072976_6302091.jpg
Muryoukoin(無量光院)there are nothing anymore but remains Heian era.
Hiraizumi  Sketch_f0072976_6303688.jpg
Takkokuiwa (達谷窟)
Hiraizumi  Sketch_f0072976_6305415.jpg
Oizumigaike pond (大泉が池)in Motsuji temple(毛越寺) they produced a heaven of Buddism in this Motsuji Garden and this pond means a ocean .
Hiraizumi  Sketch_f0072976_21143821.jpg
Motsuji master temple
Hiraizumi  Sketch_f0072976_6311419.jpg
an old man took a photo of me drawing a sketch
by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-05-26 06:46 | 旅とスケッチ sketch