Making Clay doll with Children

It was the first time for me to make clay dolls with children in an orphanage.
they were very energetic and friendly.
Yesterday we made a shape with clay.

Making Clay doll with Children _f0072976_23275343.jpg

Today we painted them.
Making Clay doll with Children _f0072976_23283573.jpg
I have enjoyed this time very much.
by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-29 23:41 | 展示会 exhibition


JAPAN _f0072976_1711771.jpg
JAPAN _f0072976_17112757.jpg
JAPAN _f0072976_17114589.jpg

by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-28 17:12 | 人形 dolls

お姉ちゃんと弟 制作過程2_f0072976_2252188.jpg

お姉ちゃんと弟 制作過程2_f0072976_22523322.jpg

髪や服装もすべて粘土で レイヤーにして作る。、上から粘土を重ねる前に下になる部分を先に磨いておく。 というわけで サンドペーパーで磨く作業は最後にするのではなく随時やることになる。

乾燥させると縮んだり、歪んだりしてくるので、 乾かしては調整して粘土を少しつけて、また乾かして・・・・を 繰り返す。


お姉ちゃんと弟 制作過程2_f0072976_2302416.jpg

by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-27 23:04

Before make my hair cut

Before make my hair cut _f0072976_930420.jpg

Before make my hair cut I have checked the good hair style for me in internet ,and printed it.
but I did not bring it to the hair salon because the model was too beautiful .
 (the model Meg Ryan )
by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-27 09:38 | 日常生活 my life

ordhinary day

Nothing special today.
Just making clay doll whole day.
It means I am very happy.
ordhinary day_f0072976_2339619.jpg

by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-23 23:39

Sea forest 海の森 

There is an island made of garbage in Tokyo bay .and I have joined an event of planting baby trees on this ground . Now this island is still barren but will become the biggest forest in Tokyo in the future.
and I heard the garbage under the ground are non-recyclable.
to make the forest near the ocean sounds interesting and good idea but sad thing is that the garbage will never be part of the earth which is similar to nuclear power.
Sea forest 海の森 _f0072976_0273150.jpg

by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-22 23:30 | 日常生活 my life

京都 の琵琶湖疏水 

Biwako irrigation system in Kyoto. Sketches and writing by Yuki Goto
The building made of brick in this main sketch is not for living but for covering the pomp which send the water to Emperor's palace.
京都 の琵琶湖疏水 _f0072976_20191912.jpg

by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-21 20:20 | 旅とスケッチ sketch


Today's lesson at Oizumi nursing home is ' Horsetail'
here there are various shape of horsetail . small one thin one stout one very tall one....
to find the horse tail in the field I can feel spring has come
but I have not seen real horsetail for long time
Horsetail _f0072976_2322889.jpg

by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-20 23:07 | 展示会 exhibition

Herons in a park

Herons in a park _f0072976_20405256.jpg

some snowy herons on the electric wire
they are not so small
but they can stand still on such a thin wire like statues
don't they fall from there while sleeping?
by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-20 20:43 | 日常生活 my life


今から一週間ほどかけておねえちゃんと弟が出来上がっていきます。 完成予想図

粘土の下地  この時点でよーく乾かして骨となる針金やら頭、胴体を完全に固定する。 そういうわけでひたすら乾燥させます。 

by YUKI_GOTO | 2015-03-19 23:54 | 人形 dolls